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Our Creative Founders


Kevin Tutt

Kevin Tutt is a master of generating enthusiasm and excitement. He is an amazing speaker and connects quickly with his audience. As co-founder of Tutt & Daggs, Corporate Speakers, he has chosen to inspire and challenge audiences of all types to reevaluate their personal commitment toward work and life. Kevin emphasizes leaders’ contribution to the success of people around them. It is Kevin’s vision to maximize individual potential and, with focusing on the details, begin the big journey of making a difference. Organizations, associations and families can be transformed but only after the individuals of those entities recognize that they posses the power to make an impact and give more than they ever thought possible.


Building a
Sustainable Future

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Michael Daggs

For over a decade, Michael Daggs has been a leading voice in the area of maximizing individual and workplace impact. Michael’s background in providing professional development in multiple industries has made him an authority in personal and corporate leadership. Michael has delivered his entertaining, dynamic and transformational message to over 1,000 companies and associations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. His undeniable energy and quest for excellence gives him a unique ability to quickly engage audiences and deliver presentations that are applicable and life changing. Michael has a passion for individual excellence and that has been solidified by his work in healthcare professional development, his two stints as an adjunct instructor in the University classroom setting and as a result of his college football career. It was in these fields of study where he learned that every moment matters and that being a “difference-maker” was only one action step away. Personal commitment, personal engagement and personal buy-in are the phrases that describe a difference-maker. The steps to having a difference-maker kind of mentality is what he wants to share with your audience.

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